Ep.18: Music therapy in palliative care: The Beatles reinterpreted to ease the end of a journey

This month, we're featuring a story from Matt's work in palliative care. We haven't yet talked about palliative care on our podcast, but as you may already know, music therapy plays a very important role in supporting those who are actively dying.

Hear an example of how music therapists adapt popular songs to suit the context that they work in, and how important this subtlety to detail is in our therapeutic work.



This month, we're traveling to Japan to present our podcast at the World Conference of Music Therapy! We're looking forward to rubbing shoulders with some prominent music therapists from all over the world and sharing all that we've learnt from the podcast with our profession. Stay tuned on our Instagram (www.instagram.com/collectivemusictherapy) for pictures and updates!