Ep. 15: Music therapy and neuroplasticity: Rewiring the brain through therapeutic song-writing with Professor Felicity Baker

Thank you for joining us as we bring you our very first episode for 2017!

This month, we're discussing the various ways in which song-writing is used in music therapy, and how writing a song can benefit a person's health and wellbeing.

We're talking about neuroplasticity: "How does song-writing assist in creating new neural pathways post accident or injury?"


We're talking about expressing identity: "What is it about song-writing that allows an individual to express and communicate who they are?"

And we're talking about building community: "What are the ways in which music can assist in creating unlikely allies and relationships?"


On this episode, you'll be hearing from Professor Felicity Baker from The University of Melbourne who shared with us her extensive work in song-writing in both clinical and community settings.

"...I noticed that people were really engaged with song-writing because they could create something that was their own... and it was their own expression of their identity. It gave them an opportunity to explore who they were..."