Ep. 8: Music therapy and trauma: A young man's use of rap music to cope with trauma

This episode, we're sharing a story from Matt's work with a young man recovering from third degree burns. You'll hear Matt explore and unpack this young man's journey with music therapy and how he used rap music to cope with his complex and multi-faceted experience of trauma.

Matt describes how he witnessed this young man's rap lyrics shifting from being violent and derogatory in nature, to being hopeful, tender and filled with messages to his family and his future self. From this, we discuss: what exactly happened in the therapeutic space to facilitate this "shift"?

"...I've been thinking of the concept of the rap beat... because it's this loop, it's this constant loop. It's almost reflective of some of the aspects of what might actually be needed [for people with experiences of trauma]. It's this constant relationship which is supportive: you can expect what is coming, it's a safe place, there's not a challenging harmonic or melodic bunch of chord changes... it's a platform for you to easily express yourself..."