Ep. 5: Music therapy and Autism: Creative approaches to daily tasks, wellbeing and buttering bread?

As registered music therapists, we are continually asked about the tangible benefits and outcomes of people's engagement with music. We're always asked questions like...

"So, did they stop being depressed after music therapy?" and "Did music therapy help the homeless person to get into housing?"

Such questions are inevitably challenging to answer because first we have to address a larger issue, which is that perhaps physical and tangible outcomes are not the only outcomes that matter. At least this is what we whole-heartedly believe at Collective Music Therapy.

In this episode, you'll hear a case study from Matt's work with a young man with autism. This young man was referred by his parents who understood that the movements required in playing instruments could help their son learn daily tasks, such as buttering bread. We'll be sharing how Matt worked on these outcomes through the use of different instruments, but also the ways in which we can notice and evaluate various "outcomes" on a much deeper and more humanistic level. 

"... I looked at his parents and they looked so excited because they could actually see his capacity to develop new motor skills and be able to actually control his hands in this task ..."