Ep. 14: Finding vitality: Using music to support recovery from depression

No doubt, these next few weeks leading towards the end of the year will be busy for you, but we hope you'll be able to find a sneaky 30 minutes to listen to our case studies about the role of music therapy in treating depression. Depression affects approximately one million Australians at any given time, and as always, innovative and holistic approaches of care are needed to support the health and wellbeing of individuals, carers and the wider community.

Asami shares a case study from her work with a young person who has been living with depression for over four years. This young person's sole interest was learning the guitar and his story highlights the way in which music therapy can act as a hook or an engagement tool into other services.

Matt shares a case study from his work in acute psychiatry where music therapy played a role in one woman's assessment and positive experiences of being in an inpatient unit. Matt's story sheds light into the way music therapy functions within a multidisciplinary team.

Happy listening!