Ep. 12: Group music therapy in youth homelessness: The secret ingredient is, normality?

When you hear the word "therapy", what image first comes to mind? For many, the idea of "therapy" may still be embedded in the Freudian model of sitting one-on-one with a therapist in a silent room and talking whilst being analysed by the therapist... Perhaps...

In this episode, you'll hear about a very different example of "therapy". Asami shares how group music therapy works in the context of youth homelessness, mental health and trauma, and it looks nothing like this traditional idea of therapy!

Often, music therapists struggle to explain where the "therapy" lies in their noisy, messy and for some, rough sessions but Asami is able to capture and describe the therapeutic process with great clarity. She shares in detail how her weekly, group music therapy sessions look and feel, and she describes the therapeutic aims and benefits that evolve from this group.

From clinical observations such as:

"...if there's a song that for some reason we all come together and there's lots of singing and noise and everyone's kind of locked into a good groove it kind of represents to me that we've all arrived in the space...  they're not thinking about everything else in their lives... and the music has drawn their attention in..."

... to more humanistic observations such as:

"...there must be a huge level of respect of each other to be able to play together..."

...Asami brings to light how different her therapeutic approach is compared to more stereotypical and traditional ideas of "therapy".