Music has always played a prominent role in Asami’s life and from the age of four, Asami explored a wide range of instruments including the violin, piano, drums, trumpet, saxophone, guitar and voice.

After several years of song-writing and performing, Asami gained a strong desire to produce and record her own music, leading her to study a bachelor’s degree in audio production. However it was through this experience that Asami felt that she wanted to use music not only for her own self-expression, but to support the wellbeing of others. After many years of teaching yoga, Asami sought to study music therapy as she believed that engagement with music was yet another way in which people could strive towards holistic health.

In 2015, Asami graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Masters of music therapy. Following this, Asami introduced and implemented a music therapy program at Frontyard Youth Services, Melbourne City Mission, and currently continues her work with young people experiencing homelessness in the Melbourne CBD.


Matt comes from a long line of musicians and grew up playing guitar in northern New South Wales before studying a bachelor's degree in contemporary music at Southern Cross University. After graduating, Matt moved to Melbourne and independently released his original music, and wrote music for awarding winning short films and digital media.

While working as a guitar teacher, Matt was offered by the Choir of Hard Knocks to develop a community music program aimed at engaging people experiencing homelessness. After two years of facilitating this program, Matt was sold on the idea of music being an excellent health resource for the community and decided to further train as a music therapist at the University of Melbourne. Matt graduated in 2015 and is currently implementing three new music therapy programs across Melbourne. These programs include a music therapy program at Eastern Health in palliative care, an acute psychiatric inpatient program at the Alfred in the Baringa unit, and a program supporting ex-servicemen and women living with dementia at Vasey house aged care services.    


The Team


Adrian completed a bachelor of music improvisation from Adelaide University in 1995 before working as a professional musician and music teacher for over 10 years. He completed a Masters in Music Therapy at Melbourne University in 2010 completing a thesis on patient perceptions of music therapy in acute psychiatry. Adrian currently works at the Alfred Hospital inpatient unit and has honed a particular interest in humanistic group work and the use of music and art as a therapeutic tool to encourage mindfulness and emotional expression. 

We have worked with:

Melbourne City Mission:

Frontyard Youth Services

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Family Reconciliation Mediation Program


Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault

The University of Melbourne

Australia Catholic University

Care Connect

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